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Thread: Best Hook/Chorus Artists

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    Best Hook/Chorus Artists

    T-pain and Bruno Mars aren't too bad, but in my opinion, Akon and the late-great Nate Dogg are probably the best. Kaliko is also badass as well..

    What do you guys think on the topic??

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    Duh Krizz all the way

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    akons a G

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    Nate Dogg RIP

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    Agreed... I wish he would make more music like he did 10 years ago though

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    Senior Member mattmeyer's Avatar
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    krizz and nate

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    would've been dope for him to come back but it is what it is now someone else has to step up

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    Nate Dogg is in a of his own when it comes to hooks but Krizz hooks are definately sick and dont forget about Block McCloud his hooks are dope as fuck for JMT and AOTP

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    Dr.Dre needs to record a new song for Detox in honor of Nate Dogg or at least adding add lib vocals from previous songs like on Kush! but I am sure Detox is in its final mixing and mastering stages at this point! listening to gangsta nation WSC

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    There will never be another Nate Dogg. period. Huge loss to the music industry

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