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Thread: tech when are you comin back to oregon

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    tech when are you comin back to oregon

    I saw you at mcdonald theatre a while back and it was sick when are you doin back to eugene?

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    probably when he finishes recording and drops All 6 & 7's and goes out on Tour!

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    Naw. Look @ this I found this shit a few days ago. Tech will be in Seattle, Washington May 26th & 27th @ the ShowBox.He usually goes to Seattle & Portland a day or two apart, but I couldn't find any shows in Oregon at all.

    Check this website out you might have better research luck than me on finding a Tech concert.

    But if you do happen to find out if hes goin to Portland, Oregon could you send me a message or sum shit cuz I would rather go to Portland than Seattle.
    Thanks I hope this helps you a lil bit.

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    i am sure Travis and Tech are planning a 3-4 month tour in support of All 6 & 7 just relax i am sure he will hit up all the same spots he normally does he probably has the entire US planned along with going back overseas!

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    just found this Tech N9ne and Andre Nickatina in Eugene May 29

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    MAY 29TH IN EUGENE!!! i already got my vip tickets!

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