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Thread: Let's throw this out there.....

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    Let's throw this out there.....

    Okay, now a LOT of people are looking forward to KABOSH and have ben for some time (as well as the All 6's & 7's album) Now with Tech & Kriss doing this live, rock band with the dirty worms, Don't you people think it would be a good idea to see groups like Dead Celebrity Status, Bionic Jive, (HeD) P.E. have a chance to tour with KABOSH as a co headliner or opening act?

    Now here's another idea...We know Kutt Is working with Black oxygen From KCMO...What would people think If Lajon Witherspoon (Of SevenDust) were to do a collab track with KABOSH?

    Feedback please

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    alll that wld be helllla ill id love to see all of it ahaha. p.s. its KRIZZ not Kriss ...

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    good idea bro, hed pe and kabosh would be the shit

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    i like the idea of the opening acts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prinzyk
    This is so lame. Delete this post, delete your life.

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    good idea, except id actually like it if it were bands ive heard of...

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    Sevendust would be beyond sick! Jsut saw them yesterday live. I would love to see Mushroomhead and Kabosh.

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    See I think if theres gonna be a full scale tour behind KABOSH, then bands like Bionic Jive, Sevendust, Mushroomhead & (HeD)p.e. should all be on it, each of the bands are brilliant on their own but it would also bring out different audicences....Thats one thing Strange Music always was and STILl is able ot do, reach beyon just one fanbase....Sorry about the Misspelling but shyt happens oh well.

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    I agree all of those bands are brilliant and together would make for one amazing tour! I have seen the crowds that some of those bands pull. The energy would definately be through roof!

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