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Thread: Blind Fury (blind rapper)

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    Blind Fury (blind rapper)

    I've been waiting for someone to post something about this dude, but everyone sleeping i guess.

    He's been killing battles on 106 and park. His favorite rapper is tech n9ne and i know for sure he is in contact with Strange Music. Tech knows him for sure.

    This is one of his battles

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    yea i heard of dude. he a beast on tha mic. i heard his mixtape is gunna have all Strange instrumentals. not too sure if thats tru though. but dude got mad skills son!

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    He just dropped a mixtape last friday, no strange instrumentals though. His new single, clear the air, is extremely hot. You can get it on itunes or google.

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    This guy is great.

    I can't remember exactly which guy I saw him battle but he killed him.

    The guy was like K-9 or something.

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    Man, I have spent a few hrs. researchin this dude (when ure hot ure hot) I know good music when I hear it...but as I just found out through Blind Fury's blog spot that he listen to alot of Tech, Kutt, Krizz- I searched here to see what the forum knew....shit on my you tube channel I had Be Warned playin'and to find that out about his fav. rapper just a few minutes ago...shit we on the same wave length...its like a co-signI I'm happy as a mutha...cause I miss real MF's sincerely.Anywho glad to see sumptin bout BF on here. He got a song called Beautiful...where he is singin'his ass off-supposed to b released this summer as well.Waitin' 4 the Hollyhood show comin'up

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