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Thread: Is Nesto The Owner's Manimal album only digital?

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    Is Nesto The Owner's Manimal album only digital?

    I really want the album, but I prefer legit physical CDs if possible. Does anyone know if it is in stores, or only as a download on like iTunes?

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    Best way ot get a physical copy is to contact Nest. If you hit him up via Twitter, or his Facebook he will get back ot you within about 24 hours. and answer your questions

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    Thank you. I'm trying that. I've wanted to use Twitter more.

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    No problem Nesto is quick ot get ahold of ppl normally as long as its not on a sunday

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    7th heaven probably if ur in kc lol

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    Yep, 7th Heaven and a few Best Buy's in the Johnson County area.

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    The album is BEASTLY from start to finish. Nesto is awesome lyrically and his bro Everritt (Evsclusive) produced the whole CD.

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    Yeah I knew it was in KC. I'm in the Blue Springs area and yeah he said its not in any stores around here. I haven't been to the Seventh Heaven in KC when I'm out there. I kept watching the video to Man In My City and then the samples of the other songs on iTunes and its like exacly what I'm looking for. I've always liked him on Strange features. "Let Me Live", "Unchangeable Girl", and "Monster" and so amazing. I didn't know it was the same producer, that's badass.

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    Paranoid, Sex & Smoke and Put Your Fucking Hands Up are awesome also...people need to see Nesto, he's gonna be HUGE once people catch on!

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    If your looking for any Nesto The Owner album/mixtape theres some you may have to download but as far as manimal goes they have it at both 7th Heavens one on Troost, KC,MO call 816-361-9555 and the other one is out in Blue Springs, MO call 816-229-8006. They also have them at FYE Independence, MO call 816-478-0003
    If you need any other info. you can get me on facebook at!/terrybg1
    for booking info. call worm at 816-739-1019.

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