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Thread: want an opinion on my song "sick"

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    want an opinion on my song "sick"

    i did this song about a year ago with my cousin "big shadow" who produced it and is a local rapper here. it was just kinda shelved cuz it was the only rapping i had ever done and didnt feel confident with it. but now im just wondering if other people would like it. it wasnt mastered as you can tell in some spots but this song really was my heart at the time and still pretty much is. just couldnt find a job, had a baby on the way and plenty of other life troubles. well just want opinions so i can know if i should pursue rapping or not.

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    not bad

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    yo its takes a long time to make any real $$ doing this rap ish but you gotta a nice flow

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    dont listen to this dude he is a hardcore troll

    Quote Originally Posted by Prinzyk
    I think it sucks, you suck, and your cousin sucks. Get a job you net monkey.

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    Song's pretty good. I like it

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    damn dude. i actually really like it. The chorus is pretty catchy and i think you have a good voice for rapping (no homo). It obviously still needs a little work here and there, but i'm a sucker for rap songs with guitar in it. It gets a "dope" vote from me.

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