My name is ClarCo.

I currently stay at the Downtown Mission Union.

Not too nice most of the time.

I write this because there is this one brother that speaks all the time.He will stand in the day room and blow my mind! He is one of the most spiritual and witty men I have ever heard. Somthing in his life has just taken him away...

He's the best MC, he has the worlds best BBQ reciept, he's be around the world and will talk about it. Just listen but don't ask! Ha! thats the catch!

This brother can speak for 5 hours and never repeat himself. A young, black, idiot savant.

He won't give me his name, and when I touched his knee to do so he said gently, "don't touch me.")

Tech, this man is bad and should be on tape.

A KCMO original.

Maybe on your stuff or maybe for the Library Of Congress.

Regardless, bless this man and bless you.

Come to the Mission Tech. We would dig it and it wouldn't take much of your time.