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Thread: Hopsin on all 6's and 7's

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    Hopsin on all 6's and 7's

    Via his facebook, he just said he talked to Tech for about 6 or 7 mins. Then he said "wait...what?"

    I'd bet he will be a feature now.

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    Hey bro pump your brakes. I got more of a clue than you could imagine, you don't even know who I am, and I would be willing to bet that I recieve more info than you could ever find on facebook. I know Hopsin is a favorite over here and I have a friend that is his facebook friend. I don't spend much time on THIS forum because of the endless line of bullshit that you kids talk about/speculate on. I decided I would try to contribute something. Sorry I didn't use the "Search Bar" to look and see if it had been posted. Douche. Back to the Siccness I go.

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    Meaning I don't follow him (Hopsin) on facebook. I am a friend of Tech's for 10 years or so.(a actual real person to person friend, not facebook) . I don't text or call him every time I hear about a possible feature. That was how I heard about it (a friends facebook), and I was contributing to this/his forum.

    This is me in this video. But I won't come here and bore you guys with any more info that you will all already know anyway.

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