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Thread: Does anybody else NOT like it when Tech has a lot of features on his album?

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    Does anybody else NOT like it when Tech has a lot of features on his album?

    I feel like no matter who is featured on a Tech track, I always just want to listen to Tech's part and then skip the rest. There are a few exceptions, like Kali and Kutt, but for the most part, I'm not feelin that many of the features.

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    Naw not @ all. I actually like listening to music and not just listing to 1 artist in a song.

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    sometimes its too many I find

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    Let tech do tech...6s n 7s is gonna be crazy

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    Theres not even that many features people just make it out to be like there is because WWC got so many verses on it

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    one thing i just thought this was gonna be mostly him so if theres not at least 6 or 7 tracks with him and just kalli cuz there like one kinda now but i do like wayne, as a feature busta on worldwide that dude is a machine he mights out chopp tech and yelawolf

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    I agree... thats why my favorite albums are everready, anghellic, KOD and absolute power

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    this album is supposed to be EVERYWHERE. Off the wall. Crazy. Voices in your head. so i dont mind having a few different voices to add to the confusion

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    all 6's and 7's should be a double cd is jus tech and the other is a collabo cd

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    yeah, I'd rather mainly Tech and the rest of Strange. With the type of deadlines that are set for these recent albums though, I'm not surprised that there are so many colabos. I don't know any other music artists who are as constant and creative as Tech.

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