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Thread: Let's Go lyrics

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    Let's Go lyrics

    Busta Rhymes

    Before I take another minute just to give everybody a movie, never seen em hit it with another, oh no

    And make it everybody that be moving with hooks and clobber on your mark till your ready, lets go

    Wow, Okay, here we go again, you'll see the wind I'm blowin in, I'm like a mangler the way that I be mangling the beat, they call me Dracula, then they see the fangs going in

    Wow, aha Everybody know that imma come and imma go, then I gotta do it, have it coming and they do a body the beat, they love the way that we be giving them a show

    Keys to the ignition, and step on the gas, lets go, and bust a bottle and pour me a shot in my glass, lets go

    Where we at, where we at, where we at, and we back up in the building and we coming with a scorcher

    Y'all already know who it is, its busta bust and travis barker

    Back to the beat, see we gotta go, hit you with the five truss, everybody better know, that we bout to let it blow, and we gotta get it yo, everybody if your wheelin with me, lets go


    I already spit it to the rhythm of the piano so now I gotta give the drummer some

    Put the T up on the track, I be phenomenal cause when it comes to having a hit imma make another one

    Blink 182 times, who you see the Twista with Travis, madness, kinda like a savage, ravage a murder with the art, like blood on the canvas, and this

    Kind of impeccable, how I can spit it, to get up in the middle with intricate patterns of a kick drum

    Diabolical, a lyric flow that will swallow you till you run up you thinking that you can get some

    Imma hit em with the Lamborghini flow with the speed of a Bugatti

    I'm from another planet when I spit a verse with the weed in my body

    And imma hurt em every time I get up in the booth, sippin on the liquor 182 proof, now they wanna say that shit that never let me loose, outta the cage, now come and see what Imma do

    Its Twista, to chase in a rap, on the track, can I hit you with the Midwest flow?

    Even if you ain't ready, yeah, all I gotta say is ready set, Let's go



    Drive by, hit you with the two piece combo, while I'm hanging out the window of your daddy's lambo

    Scrambled eggs, I got scrambled ammo, leave you on top of the water like a banana boat, yea I'm an animal

    Everybody's edible and Yelawolf is headin for your arm and your hand and your

    ?Hannah Montana though?, look off with a mask off with the pants like a fucking antelope

    So, signal to me in a minute, when you finish, and I put another vice grip

    Put it in to the image, and I send it in to be an independent fucker with the mic grip

    I might spit, man pull the trigger back in the submarine with the sub machine loaded

    In an ocean, high-deep, deep enough to leave yourself all green and bloated

    call my name, mother fucking vamanos, its, me and I'm sick in the progonosis(prognosis)

    cop more bars than ???????????? and I put you behind like ?????????????

    I can make your mama really proud to know me, and your broke daddy is dyin below me

    Give me 50 bucks, and ?pretty broads?, just to be in one of my videos, yeah homie let's go

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    Sick thanks Travis Barker's Album is isck give the drummer some I really liked it i got it before it even got dropped

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    yea man I found it on youtube yesterday and was looking for the lyrics and couldn't find them. So I just figured them out for the most part and put them up.

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    haha blink 182 times

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