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Thread: All 6's and 7's

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    All 6's and 7's

    Just went and looked up "All 6's and 7's" on Wikipedia, they have 11 songs that are "on" the album. I saw some of the guests on it and if this is true...damn what an album it will be. Nicki Minja (she goes hard on other peoples songs) Busta and Twista, Lil wayne and t-pain( already confirmed) and.....I really hope this is true... Eminem! What you guys think? Hope is somewhat right!

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    Can't wait for All 6s & 7s to drop!!! I'm pretty sure Nicki gonna do a track with Tech called Pornographic and im really hoping Em is doin the track So Lonely its gonna be hella sikkkk if he does

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    "Live instrumentation has been confirmed for much of the production coloring the landscape of All 6s And 7s"

    I think this is great news!

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    Minaj... really ?? I don't know about her going hard.

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    They're assumed to be, not confirmed.

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    nice it says hes doin a song with mint condition from saint paul

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    nicki is not doing the song with tech instead its gonna be snoop and e40 on it which will be and would be way better than with nicki on it..and busta is confirmed. dont know about twista yet, and eminem...honestly i dont think hes gonna accept the collab and send a verse in. we havent heard anything about it but dont get too excited about that

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    em would be tight but tech dont need him or anyone to kill it. F.A.N.S what artist writes a song for his fans no one thats why tech is the shit.

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    twista is confirmed

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    niki got replaced with e-40 btw. also there are the deftones, snoop dog, nas, twista, yelawolf, JL, ceza, twisted insane and hopsin to name a few (all confirmed). but this shit has been discused 111099566839068 times already.

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