Hey, my name is Rob Peoples, I'm the founder and one of the four hosts of a soon to be live internet radio show called "Underground Railroad Radio". It's gonna be a talk radio show (With A LOT of funny topics) that also plays strictly underground music Kinda like DJ Fillin's "The Fix" or Twiztid's "A&A" from WFKO. So I thought I'd hit yins up to get the word out about our existence to the underground scene.

We've been doing mainly pre-recorded practice shows lately but we plan to go live soon so keep checking the facebook page for broadcast dates until we set up our website. We're doing another pre-recorded show soon and we need some of that underground flavor to play, so send in your tracks and shit to our e-mail at Please throw in some contact info so we can let listeners know how to hear more of your music along with a picture that is advert capable for youtube video adverts and whatnot.

Since yins are listening and until we get our phone lines up we're looking to our listeners and future listeners to suggest funny topics for us to talk about. Send em' to our g-mail or our facebook page. Just search up "Underground Railroad Radio in facebook's search box and you should find our page if not here is the link until we get enough fans to set up a official URL.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsT9-IGooso -Advert for the show.