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Thread: News on tour dates

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    News on tour dates

    Whats up everybody? I haven't been on here in a while..been busy with my production and work and all that...Just wanted to share some news...Sunday night Tech was eating at a restaurant at a casino in KC where my girl happens to be a hostess and seated him at him table..He told her that there was going to be a tour starting May 7th but the dates weren't all confirmed yet but the tour IS set to start MAY 7th!

    Take it for what it is...Just telling you what I heard..Nothing has been confirmed yet so We'll find out soon...ALSO if anybody was at the KALI show in KC...Louie FiVe performed a track there that I produced called "The Foo: Feat. Kutt Calhoun..Hes also got another track from me hes working on right now, which also Has a feature from a Strange artist which I cant say yet both songs Will be on the album when it comes out...One other thing for those of you who care to know JL, from "Far Out" Is workin on some of my production as well....The point of this was to share news on tour info and to check in with you guys...If there are any artists on here interested in some tracks let me know! Appreciate it.

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    thanks for the info.

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    No problem lol

    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzy
    thanks for the info.

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    Whats funny is it was scheduled for april 28th right? and then lil wayne just scheduled a tour that lasts till like may 3rd or somethin. and now tech tour is pushed back a lil over a week? makes ya think a lil eh?

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    theres a date in chicago june 11th check out my link

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