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Thread: Tech N9ne in Vancouver!!!!

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    Tech N9ne in Vancouver!!!!

    show your support and leave a comment and show Tech that the best fans he has are in Vancity

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    your best fans in vancity...only if i go there.

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    I live in NE Portland, 1.5 miles from Vancouver. I've loved Tech my whole life. Even my 3 year old daughter is obsessed(her favorite song is "In The Trunk"). Can't wait for 6's n 7's! I want to get a portrait I drew of Weezy and Tech signed!

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    Come to Vancouver I'll throw a fat bag of Kush on stage

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    yeah come back to Canada!!! another NXNW tour!!!! I'll wait as long as I have to or else I might just have to cross the border to see a Tech show. haha

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    I live 20min south of Oly, but I luv going to Portland way better than going to Seattle. I cant w8t till he starts touring for all 6's & 7's

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    Sydney, Australia!!!!!!

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    i would like to see him come back but the shows are better in seattle

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    post if you were at the vancouver show on may 24th

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