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Thread: Possibility of any snippets from ALL 6'S AND 7'S

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    Possibility of any snippets from ALL 6'S AND 7'S

    Like any other album they've previously released, strange music has always released short parts to new upcoming songs and albums, do you all think they might do the same with the new album. Most of the previous snippets they've released for other albums have been more than 4 months in advance to get the consumers and fans pumped for the release, what are your all's thoughts?

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    I Hope so haha!

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    I dont know man.... this is supposed to be a big album and with artists like tpain, snoopdogg, bustaryhmes, EMINEM!!! I almost hope they dont leak any snippits from this album..... keep the suspense all the way til 6/7/10

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    I feel what you're saying about hoping they don't leak anything til its release BUT if you think about it, they have already started teasing the fans about A6&7's with the constant updates on the features for the album, the Delusional beat snippet, pictures of Tech's lyric sheets, dubstep beat intro idea, far as releasing actual finalized tracks/track snippets from album, that's pretty much a definite yes if SM sticks to their past formula which seems to be working exceptionally BUT I don't think that will happen until at least after CHS gets released to not potentially affect fellow label mates album success

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    All 6's And 7's is not done, probably why there are no snippets yet. Simple.

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    it is done. the deadline was march. (it is currently march) lol

    Quote Originally Posted by CHi Star
    All 6's And 7's is not done, probably why there are no snippets yet. Simple.

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    I dont care if whether there 15-20 second clips, i just want a taste

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    with what happened with the ogmp i think tech will be a little more careful with this music and there will probably be snippets and even pre-orders up in April and no the album is not done Tech had until March to finish his part of the album now for the rest of the guest appearances like Eminem,Snoop Dogg etc thats what is happening this month and part of next!

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    is it done yet?

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    I bet we get a sampler cd with this new tour kicking off. That'll hype and give fans some new shit to listen to

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