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Thread: Brooks ft Tech N9ne...... Rhyme Threat... New Tech N9ne feature!!! Dope!!!

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    Brooks ft Tech N9ne...... Rhyme Threat... New Tech N9ne feature!!! Dope!!! Techs flow is ill!!!And Brooks killed it What yall think???

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    Good song man....nice find. Teck merkes that beat!!!

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    sounds dope!!

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    i thought brooks did better lol.. tech definately did not put much into this song. one flow the whole time while only whispering. oooo havent heard that before.. i was expecting him to just bust out at one point and start killing it as usual..

    Quote Originally Posted by Sickly Strange
    Good song man....nice find. Teck merkes that beat!!!

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    good find

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    Really dug this song, I personally thought Tech bent this beat over his knee and punished that shit!

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    how the fuck is tech just gonna do that.

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    very nice

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    Dam That song was ill...imo brooks went harder ....i mean it is his song...Techs was good but he couldve made his verse longer and murdered that beat it seemed he didnt even try to kill it as usual.

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    That was pretty dope. Not mind blowing but dope.

    Tech's flow and harmonizing complements the instrumental's melody well. Sure he could of changed his flow and multiple times in the song like he does on some of his features but I don't think it's necessarily. If he really sped it up, it would seem out of place in this song, imo. Also when Tech switches up the mid-way through it usually goes with a change in the beat's pace/sound as well.

    That's my technical critique of Tech's verse. Pimp Limp, I would like to hear what you think of this.

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