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Thread: Who would you like to see Tech N9ne Rap Wit?

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    Who would you like to see Tech N9ne Rap Wit?

    sup Y'all i wanna do this to see who y'all would like to see Tech n9ne rap with cause for me there is alot of rappers i would love to hear tech n9ne rap with and i know how the rap industry is and how some of the the vets of the rap game act! but fuck it never know tech might see dis and try to get um! we could only hope, but here is my list of rappers.


    Ice Cube

    Mack 10


    Bone Thugs N Harmony (WHOLE GROUP)


    Dr. Dre

    Busta Rhymes

    50 Cent

    that's all i can think of alot of the other rappers i had in mind they have already made songs wit! so please tech read our thread and pick some of our rappers to rap wit.

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    Jeezy 4 sure

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    Why do you make these threads when you can search and find ones already started??? and the WC collabo would be dope 50 no busta is confirmed for 6&7's and still no reply from tech on Eminem but its probably in the works! and he did the song Speed of Sound with Bone but Warner Bro's didn't either approve it for Uni 5 or Bone never recorded their verses after they heard Tech spit probably thought to themselves on some damn how do we top this dude right here! Ice Cube is on Killer and Dr. Dre doesn't do a lot of guest spots on peoples cd's! but it would be a good song if dre produced it!

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    he's done songs with Ice Cube and Eminem.....

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