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Thread: Brotha Lynch Mannibalector

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    Brotha Lynch Mannibalector

    Fucking amazing song all I can say

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    greg be trollin

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    But kali ain't even on the fuckin track!!!! S m f h

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    I agree. Between his voice and his flow Brotha Lynch is fucking sick. I can't say lyrically it's my favorite stuff but his flow is so smooth so it makes up for the constant references to eating people and murder and such. Love this track and looking forward to the album.

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    wut I didnt like about him before were his hooks, I always liked his beats... his Lyrics have always been iight... as far as flow, lynch has good flow... One thing hes is missing though is a <span diesel krizz Kaliko hook....

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    WoW I mean i'm no Krizz hater but I will respectfully disagree.

    I'm not feelin the beats on anything that's leaked so far TBH but I know he always saves the smashers 4 his album.

    And ya the sooner the people can get over the content of character the better. His delivery is exactly what adboxx said. Lynch got a smooth delivery like no other.

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    lynch kills it without a doubt. New album should be EPIC

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    TBH im not really a lynch fan. i cant really get into that horrorcore stuff. i mean i can regognize he is good, just not my cup of tea.

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