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Thread: Couple of questions.

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    Couple of questions.

    1. I'm just curious.. will you ever come out with some sort of greatest hits album? I mean with your new album coming in June, I know for a fact you will be getting some new fans that have never heard of you. Or some that have only heard a few of your songs/the songs on the new album. & I think it would be important for them to hear on how much you have improved over the years.

    2. What ever happened to the Strange Lane Choir? Holier Than Thou and the songs from Krizz Kaliko's albums that feature them are some of my favorite songs. & it would be dope if either you or him would feature them sometime in the future..


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    he'll have one when hes like 80.

    and travis said they are gunna get strange lane goin soon. if that means the strange lane choir i have no idea.

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