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Thread: FAT TONE!!!

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    FAT TONE!!!

    first off, if your gonna talk bout his death then dont say shit..

    this is mostly for my kc ppl..

    i dont know bout anyone one else but ive got a ton of Fat tone music on burnt cd's and my ipod..

    half of them have wrong song names and the features arent labeled correctly or the song quality is fuckin shitty..

    so this was my idea because i bump so much tone is crazy... Strange music could buy the rights to all his music, take all the songs and re-master them, maybe make the beats sound crisper and bass a little better and organize them into cd's and sell them on a physical disc instead of digitally thru the strange merch store..

    after tech fat tone is my favorite rapper.. niggas was fuckin cutthroat and pretty fuckin lyrical.. dude was on the verge of super stardom.. so i think if strange could put out his music for people to buy and experience that would be awesome.. kinda like sign him to strange maybe idk.. im sure its possible..


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    I'd never listened to him, so I got curious. Dude's got mad flow, and I think they need to do what you said. R.I.P. Fat Tone.

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    THIS MAN IS A GENIUS!!! This needs to get STRESSED cause FAT TONE's name DO NOT need to DIE like it is. Kansas City Niggas Keep It Real wit Tech is one of my favorite tracks of Tones. I am a HUGE FAN.. TECH, if you're reading this (and I hope you are nigga), TRY TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

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    thatd be hella tight

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    Mac Dre > fat tone

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    ????? Look at THIS guy ????? Tryin to start that debate up again. Tone didnt kill Dre so get over it dude..

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