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    i think

    i think lil waynes is tryin to make tech lose fans cuz he knows techs better then him and made tech go into to industry so li lwanye can get techs fans n fucc tech n9ne over wat u think

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    get the fuck on

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    i think youre retarded

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    tech fans already know of lil wayne, the reverse would happen that makes no sense

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    i think you should shut the fuck up

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    you dont actually think that, do you?

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    even if tech was in the industry or not his real fans will support him 100 % cause he is a real fukin nigga........and i think u r just tryin to get bitched at by putting up that dumb shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven crow
    i think u need to kill ur self

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    N anyone that says tech isnt in the "industry" is stupid hes part of the music industry no matter what, hes independent not major, either way hes still in the industry

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