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    PASTOR TROY " OH FATHER" around on youtube and this song popped up. i use to listen to this shit everyday in middle school. one of the realest songs ever made. pastor troy use to be the best of atlanta. enjoy it if you never heard it. also look up "champion" if you've never heard it

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    Pastor is and always will be my fav southern rapper, Saddam is some HARD shit.

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    Pastor Troy- Vice Versa

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    his stuff is real. i hope he gets noticed.

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    yeah true in a way, he has been focusing on quantity not quality of late, Look for the new DSGB album comin out this year!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by RoBron2123
    Love PT Cruiser!! The Days of Face Off/ Face Off Part 2/ I Am DSBG/ By Any Means Necessary/ and Stay Tru. Pastor Troy has gone way down hill in the last 5 yrs.

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