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Thread: ENSANE "The Haunting"

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    ENSANE "The Haunting"

    feed appreciated,.

    prod. by my homie Jaybuggy

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    nice, sounds tight

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    Senior Member trevor's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    its hella sick i just have a hard time hearing your voice, like the beat almost overpowers the volume of your voice but other than that i like it.

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    thanks homie, my mixin was fucked on this

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    Senior Member The Abyss's Avatar
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    cant listen to it at work right now but i liked ur other shit so ill definately check it out when i get to the house bro.

    nice work so far

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    word preciate that homie

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    Vocals sound tight, lil quite tho. Nice shit tho bruv

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    thanks homie

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    tryna hype up E-Ville before I drop it

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