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Thread: Regarding Strange Merch

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    Regarding Strange Merch

    Anybody know how the t-shirts and sweatshirts fit? Are the 3XL long or just wide. I'm 6'7" and would love to buy some shirts but I just hate buying "big" shirts that are only wide and have no length. I like my shirts to hang a little bit and not look like a tube top. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    they fit aight the arent tall

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    im 6'6 and the 3x might fit good once before you wash it depending on how slim you are but once it goes through the dryer it shrinks like crazy

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    Thanks guys. Guess I'll save my money. I'm real picky about how my clothes hang so if all I get is one good wear then it's a no go. Thanks again for the help.

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