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Thread: Tech would you take the time to listen to these remixes?!

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    Tech would you take the time to listen to these remixes?!

    We are a production group that have spent much time and effort remixing a few of your songs and have received a positive response from mutual fans. We would be honored if you just took the time to listen to these tracks. I had the opportunity to talk to Krizz Kaliko the last time you all were in Sacramento, CA and he said Strange Music is always looking for producers so here we are.


    <a href="" target="_blank">Tech N9ne - Like Yeah (Remix) Dubstep

    Krizz Kaliko Ft. Tech N9ne - Elevator (Remix)


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    Check out our group album on iTunes!!!

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    I definitely liked Elevator and Like Yeah remixes. The Everybody Move one wasn't my cup of tea. Would love to see what you guys could do with a few more Tech songs, especially some of the stuff from K.O.D (Killing You, Demons, etc.). I don't know about everybody else, but I'm definitely enjoying 'em.

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