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Thread: You Peice of Shit

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    You Peice of Shit

    how the fuck are you gonna come on this website and talk shit man you stinky fucks get a life do your own thing instead of hating on someone thats all you are is a hater your a hater i'm a player see you later try to be down but you'll never be down so don't come around here stupid asses you really think your opinion matters well bad news for you it doesn't so shut your fucking mouth and go do your own thing god damn you people are fucking fags go get your drama somewere else Tech N9ne is the shit he didn't sell out wow i can't belive you are actually immature to come on this website and talk shit well i'm not gonna read any of your stupid ass comments you put on here so do what you gotta do by the way KottonMouth Kings Still Blowin Smoke rings

    Bye Bye


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    we have dealt with literally hundreds of "mature" down thugs like you and we will see if you can resist your trolling urge to comment back on everybody who will prolly start flamin you, and besides if you even read the thread you talkin about you would see that one guy made that thread that supports the idea of tech selling out, the rest of us are defending tech.

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    cool story bro. you are fucking retarted

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    you stinky fucks get a life. i lold.

    tits or GTFO

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