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Thread: Why strange sign Cog so easily but not Hop, Craig, Stevie etc..

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    Why strange sign Cog so easily but not Hop, Craig, Stevie etc..

    I mean obviously strange made a good choice with Cognito, Automatic was one of the best albums ever released from Strang IMO. But Hopsin definitely has that kinda talent, given the right label backing him (strange?), and resources and production quality, I could see Hopsin making a masterpiece album. The same could be said for Craig Smith or even Stevie, and it seems like strange signed Cog pretty quick in comparsion with the process they are using to decide on the next artist.

    On a side note, cognito brought it hard with Automoatic, but why the fuck did he just drop off the radar? Imean it seems like he put tons of effort into his album, and used strange for marketing purposes and production etc, but never really gave back to strange what he took IMO. I mean he wasnt featured on shit after his album dropped, you rarely saw him in interviews or heard any news on future projects, and he was just gone.. Almost like he took wahetevr money he made and booked it or some shit idk.

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    look in the search bar there is a thread with like over 100 comments on this subject. go check it out.

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    also. strange isnt trying to sign anyone right now. thats the difference. They got enough on they're plate this year as it is. IF they do end up signing someone. It won't be till the end of the year. And ill guarentee that they make sure they have a project ready. Just like cog did

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    All the stuff you mentioned in that second paragraph..was one of Cog's main reasons for getting off Strange...Lol. He felt like he wasn't getting promoted enough or as much as he should of been.

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    lol @ the part saying he took more from Strange than what he gave

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