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    Ok. I call my local radio station everyday and they don't like me. Reason being is I ask for them to play some tech doesn't have to be the dark music anything. I always get the same response, I can't play him. To me that is crap because he does blow the others away. Got to say I can't wait to see what strange has coming this year.

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    Imma give it a try, and I'll get back to you.

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    103.3 finally put there city's king on rotation.. kc needs to play there fuckin local talent its way better than whats gettin played on the radio these days

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    I'm gonna try calling my radio station tonight and see what's up..I'm gonna annoy the shit out of them lol

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    Wild 101 in Boise usually only plays Tech the day he's here for tour. Thats about it...Lol. He usually gets played every Friday/Saturday in the local hooka bars though, so I guess thats somethin. Usually Caribou Lou or Bout to Bubble.

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