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Thread: Bizzy Bone Responds to T9....

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    Bizzy Bone Responds to T9....

    It's a little unclear but at around 11:12 he's asked by the interviewer what his tour plans are and he replies with a very unclear Tech N9ne comment. I don't personally know what he means by it but thought y'all would find it interesting since Tech mentioned Bizzy Bone called him on the recent ustream episode saying he had tour ideas and Tech said he had something for him....

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    lol wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

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    Either Bizzy be hella high on this one or he's just plain full of shit haha...

    "AY TECH N9NE... I love you!"

    * rambles *

    "I'm done with that... I'm done with you Tech, I'm done with you Tech, I'm done with you Tech!!!!"

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    he actually says all that? lol I will say, Bizzy Bone wouldbe a welcomed addition to a Tech tour. he just did one where he had a live band, promoting his Crossroads 2010 album. I'd like to see that with Tech.

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    I honestly think it sounds like Bizzy got's something against Tech..that's just me though.."I'm done with you, I'm done!" lol

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    he doesnt sound too serious...sounds like he's just fuckin' around

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    Look likes its an inside joke, nuthin' negative, ya see he was rhymin' a they was on some hot shit.

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    Dude in the back says tech is that nigga tho!!!

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    Well I wish the whole "Speed of Sound" song would be released sometime this century

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