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Thread: Want some feed back on this song!

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    Want some feed back on this song!

    Artist: $ONNY MA¢K

    Song Title: Hard Times (Rough Draft Version 2)

    Album: Untitled EP

    Release Date: Summer 2012

    Label: That Sooner St@te Sound Entertainment/Spencer Shack Ballaz Inc.

    We are awaiting some additional vocals for the hook and final mix down and mastering!

    Let me know what you think all feedback is welcome!

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    forgot this

    Produced By: Brandon "Mr. Kooman" Holt

    All Rights reserved!

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    $ONNY MA¢K

    Location: Spencer Oklahoma

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    Cool ass chill shits, that's whats up....Reppn' the Big O.......

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    May 2010

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    thanks for the comments and yep reppin' knock city and I say Summer Time but it will be released around April/May its only a local release until we get everything set up with our distribution company for world wide release online!

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    need more feedback!

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    Commercial slash Previews

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    smooth track bro, is that you rappin or an affiliate?

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