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Thread: Saigon On Subnoize???

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    Saigon On Subnoize???

    I know this news is old but i'm still baffled by it....I mean, no disrespect to Saigon nor KMK, Potluck, and the rest of SubNoize but how does Saigon manage to fit their camp and label?? (Not that this means anything) I'm From NYC myself and I just find it somewhat odd that a Brooklyn rapper would sign with an indie Cali label that he probably had no idea about, I could be wrong....I woulda never thought cuz thats just different to see but I actually think it was a dope move on Sai and SubNoize's end....what yall think???

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    different s for labels. they have to do what works right?

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    absolutely...i support that....

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    I agree seems like an odd match. It would be like KMK being signed with Rhymesayers. And no offense to Subnoize fans but it seems like Sigon is on a whole nother level than any rapper on Subnoize.

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    I guess we'll see at Strange Noize. Be able to actually compare them and stuff. I mean, Potluck said on twitter they've never even met Saigon. I bet Richter hasn't either. It'll be a new experience for them all. But then again, thats probably why Saigon was put on this tour.

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