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Thread: Kutt Calhoun in Down For the Block webisode #1

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    Kutt Calhoun in Down For the Block webisode #1


    Meet the streets that made a Kansas City King in this exclusivewebisode from Strange Music: Down For The Block, as Kutt Calhoun takes you to the hood and beyond: the school and where the fights would godown, BG Bulletwound's crib, where Kutt would smoke, and thenationally-known record store 7th Heaven. Don't miss Kutt Calhoungiving you the lowdown on how it all began and where and don't forget to download Bad Season, with the hard-hitting street anthem "Down ForThe Block" featuring the Kansas City Chief you know and love, KuttCalhoun! Watch below and get Down For The Block.

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    KC wanna be just like L.A.

    One thing coming from a real mexican.. "Soo Woo" was started by B-Brazy R.I.P Denver Lane Bloods in L.A. Mudafuckas!

    213 ES Crime Gang Bloodz


    oh yeah! aint no internet banging going on.

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    For real. What ever shit you talkin bout has nothin to do with what Tech just posed.

    I've already got Bad Season the mixtape (free x-mas edition) & the Itunes (re-release), and I got screwed out of my hard copy of Bad Season I pre-ordered form the post office.I'll check out the webisode for KUTT.

    Tech I was wondering since I did order a copy of bad season last month but didn't receive it because the post office lost it or delivered it to the wrong house. Could I still get a autographed copy if I order a hard copy of Bad Season the re-release for the SECOND TIME?

    Please could you get back @ me.

    G~FR3$H 3six0 Holding it down from 3six0 Olympia W.A. to the 5o3 Portland O.R.

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