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    For me the worst part of Tech N9ne's albums is waiting for them to drop. I about went insane waiting for him to drop K.O.D. All 6's and 7's drops in a little less than 4 months and it seems like the anticipation for this album is worse for me than any other Tech album. As far as anticipation goes which of Tech's albums had you going the most insane waiting for it to drop?

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    I was waiting for Everready for a couple of years, that sucked. But yeah, I'm always in heavy anticipation of Tech albums. I remember waiting for Killer to drop, and I remember waiting for KOD to drop as well. But yeah, All 6's And 7's has me really fucking excited. I'm expecting BIG things from this album. From themes, lyrics, and beats to the collaborations and eventual recognition from a large portion of the music world in general and the hip-hop community specifically.

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    i went nuts waitin on MLK cuz i thought he would wait on another cd as long as absolute power to everready

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    Everready,I couldnt fuckin wait for that album to come out!!!Also Killer and K.O.D made me impatient.

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    this one the other ones i was just like whatever

    this one is kinda like whatever but im a little excited

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    Everready. He drops albums every few months now so waiting isn't that hard.

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