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Thread: Tech N9ne Collab Idea! Can Tech N9ne live up to his name!?!?!?

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    Tech N9ne Collab Idea! Can Tech N9ne live up to his name!?!?!?

    Ok check this maybe this could work for the Lil Wayne / Tech N9ne Collab since they have both said they are the best rappers in the world. Tech N9ne should do a collab and rap like the other person does and the other person should rap like Tech! That shit would be hella dope just think about that. Like a vise-versa rap. If any two emcees could step up to the plate and do that they would be by far the best! So as an example Tech would rap like Lil Waynes and Lil Wayne would rap Tech N9nes ! But this does not have to be Lil Wayne just saying. If you agree give me a Whoop Whoop!!

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    Soo.. u want tech to rap like he has an annoying voice and like he's been leaning for 5 years straight? And u want wayne to try n rap fast so it sounds like jibberish. I'm sure tech could rap like wayne. But who'd wanna hear that? And wayne just has no chance to flow like tech... sooo not a very good idea. But not to worry. I mean. I haven't heard a good idea out of an icp fan.. welll.. ever.

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    1. tech n9ne has never said he's the best rapper in the world

    2. why would tech try to rap badly?

    3. wayne could never pull off any tech verse.

    4 stfu and gtfo

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    Dont worry bro ill give u a whoop whoop on this shit. I think its a good idea to try and see if the two rappers could pull off eachothers s, ive actually been thinking that same idea. But i dont ever think Tech N9ne has called hisself the best rapper in the world....or even insinuated it, hes ussually extremely humble, its waynes cocky ass that always says it, and it couldnt be farther from the truth......

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    are you being fucking serious right now? gtfo

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    yo some people are strait dick heads up here...not a good idea for wayne cuz i seriously doubt he cud keep up...but maybe tech/em or tech/nas would be pretty cool

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