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Thread: Welcome to my Hood... .. .. .. .. . . . .

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    Welcome to my Hood... .. .. .. .. . . . .

    First of all.. "Welcome to my hood" - DJ Khaled ft Rick Ross, Plies, T-Pain and Lil Wayne.

    Thirdly: Everybody knows I hate Wayne more than most people, this thread will depict no different.

    I'm sure some of you have heard it.. if not, prepare for the luls.
    Everybodys verse made me laugh my ass off, though waynes made me rage, as usual lol.

    Why does this sort of shit exist? like, seriously?
    i have soooooo much to bitch about in this song and video, it blows my fucking mind

    T-pain in the video is see checking the phone booth for spare change and talks about running from the police -_-

    Plies verse is fucking HORRIBLE, he used an Immortal Technique line to sound somewhat smart but failed miserably because it had nothing to do with anything "im talkin noriega, nigga the real noriega". he also says "if you aint from the hood, then stop impersonating us" ...... SMFH. and did he say "some of em on house arrest, some of em on child support" ????? on child support??? like its some kind of capital punishment??

    rick ross was getting puffed during his verse, like actually tired, fat bastard panting n shit. lol.

    prepare for the rage.
    wayne.... god... dear fucking lord.... when will this guy come down to reality??? "back from hell, cell 23"..................... you did 1 fucking year, which you put off for fucking ages cause you had a tooth ache.. fuck OUTTA HERE! didnt i say hed come back with this "i did hard time" bullshit when he gets released? yes i did. his lyrics... god.. "i landed from the streets, i talk alotta shit, and practise what i preach"............................................ PRACTISE WHAT YOU PREACH???!?!?!1!?!?!?!1 oooooooooooomggggg........ "back from hell, cell 23, tell a warden kiss my ass".... -_________________________________- i dont even.... "young money, cash money, blood bitch im red hot" <- while saying that line, Baby throws up a B while lil wayne runs a finger across baby's chest... now if that doesnt make you wana rage.... after he said "i practise what i preach"... i dont even............................

    i even lost all sense of grammar and punctuation as i typed this :\

    watch the video, laugh, rage, vomit, do what ever. but please kill yourself if youre one of the ones on youtube that comment saying "DIS SHIT GO REAL HARD! WEEZY IS BAK!! WELKOME TO MY HOOD!!!!!!!!!!"

    if the embed doesnt work heres the link:

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