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Thread: Does the song be warned have underlying meaning?

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    Does the song be warned have underlying meaning?

    I think the song be warned has an underlying meaning, i dont know if any of you are familiar with the "illuminati" or any of that but there is a lot of evidence of their existence and influence in many artists.. and if you dont believe me look it up

    For example line "Never will the Nina name any names (names names)But uh mothafuckaz wantin Nina to sell his soul for the price of fame"To become an illuminati member you literally "sell your soul" to satan in exchange for riches and fame. It has been suggested many artists already have done this. If you are interested in looking into a specific example of this search "down jay sean illuminati" on youtube

    What do you guys think of this? Mere coincidence or do you think the illuminati wanted him in?

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    If I remember correctly I think he just mean't that since he puts his soul into his music that since the industry wanted to change him in order for him to be accepted and signed to some big record label that he considered that selling his soul which is why he decided to go indie...

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    yep, i believe so. though many illuminati arguements have been had on this site so no point adding to the fuel lol.

    alot of believers and non believers on this site, so expect some flame war.

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    watch his last ustream in ATL....says fuck Illuminati and he doesnt give 2 shits about it

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    Techs the angel god sent to lure us from the illuminati's stranglehold.

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    interesting, but who the hell still believe in Satan??????????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky Schroder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky Schroder

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    Uh stop the bull shit about the illuminati or whatever who carers and tech said he doesnt know nothin about the shit when ppl were tryin to ask him questions on ustream.

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