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Thread: hopsin is the shit

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    hopsin is the shit

    okay i know that people are gonna get pissed but ima say it any way...hopsin is got the potential to be the dopest rapper alive even better than tech eventually maybe...i mean he has only dropped 2 major albums and they are both sick if he keeps droppin hot shit he could do alot...and if strange doesn sign him ima b pissed lol

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    Junior Member teknodrome's Avatar
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    I dont know about being better than TECH, but he is dope as fug. Two major albums? Which major label signed him?

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    i meant two major ones like 2 albums that wernt bullshit mixtapes...and he was signed to ruthless for a while but idk a whole lot about him all i know is he dont have many albums and all i have heard from him is hot...and i mean techs got a shit load of music...i mean give hop a few years and i think he could get to the top

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    It will take alot longer then 2 years mate.

    Do you know how long techs been in the game?

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    i didn mean 2 year i just meant give him some time...and thats exactly what i mean i know how long techs been doin his thing but hopsin is mad young and all ready pretty damn dope and has got mad props...and i didn say that he would be better than tech im just sayin that he could most deff bring alot of competition and maybe eventually he will be every ones new shit

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    I heard Hopsin a couple weeks ago and just got his RAW album. Definitely one of my favorite rappers now.

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    i guess i need to listen to more of the album cause the shit didnt sound that great to me...hahah thats funny about him having potential to be better than tech. overall tech is better than anyone in the game and anyone thats come and gone.BEST HIP HOP/ RAPPER/ MC OF ALL TIME

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    Ussually if someone said someone could be better than tech i would flip out, but all i can say, is fuckin amazing lol

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    i completely agree with you dude, right now, hopsin is better then tech, based on 2010. idk how you would even argue that?

    tech however is the greatest rapper of all times. his legacy will forever be unmatched most likely.

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    hes got a long way to go but i agree, he could be one of the greats

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