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Thread: Strange Music & Stevie Stone???

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    Strange Music & Stevie Stone???

    Tech N9ne & His Interest In Signing More Artists To The Strange Music Label.

    Could There Be A Bigger Collaboration With Stevie Stone & Strange Music?

    "News of Tech N9ne's interest in new talent came during his live <em>Ustream</em> broadcast from Atlanta. Tech made mention of seeking out deals with CES CRU, Irv Da Phenom, Stevie Stone, and MayDay."-

    -Courtesy Of The Strange Music Blogs.

    So What Do All Of The Technicians &amp; Strange music Fans Think Of Tech Possibly Signing Stevie Stone To Strange Music?

    What Do You Think?

    YES OR NO?

    Checkout Hymmi Hyme Vol. 5. Coming Soon From Stevie Stone As Well. -HYMMI HYME

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    if they only got stevie stone and irv the phenom that would b great they r both great artists and can do big things the other 2 r good but i would love 2 c stevie and irv signed

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