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    So last night while i was in WalMart (lol) i picked up the new source and wht did i see on page 51 Tech N9ne's Anghellic as #2o on their 20+11 MOST Slept on Albums.

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    fuckin' dope album, it deserves that

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    yes! 20. It shouldn't be slept on tho. I was just thinking 2day that, I really have to get KOD out of my deck. It's been in there a year! Anghellic would be a good replacement. I'm not closed minded or anything, it is a six disc, and I do have other music in my deck....Brotha Lynch, Krizz, Kutt, and another Tech Congratulations Tech!

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    Glad somebody caught it...cause I don't pick up the Source anymore....but that's RT...betta recognize!

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