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    I want the honest truth what yall think bout Detox.Me personally i love Dr Dres music an respect his grind but ithink detox is over hyped besides his beats i think its over rated an his 1st single aint that good

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    i'm down with it. I like his beats, but most the beats on Chronic 2001 sounded too similar

    But he did good on Kush and I Need A Doctor, so i'm kinda excited

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    im stoked for it, kush n i need a doctor i thought were pretty good, plus ima huge dre fan. it may be over hyped but i bet its gunna surprise most of us. plus he killed it last night on the grammys, thats the only reason i watched it lol

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    I hope it's great because I love Dre and everything he's done for the rap game but I have a feeling it is going to be a flop. Hope I'm wrong but it's hard to live up to this kind of hype.

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