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Thread: Give the Drummer Some(Travis Barker) 03/15/11

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    sample off his upcoming Mixtape " Let the Drummer get wicked "

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    Can't wait for the Mixtape and the Album. 2011 is a great year.

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    Gonna be sick. But it was confirmed that Chester Bennington from Linkin Park was on the album and that he already recorded his stuff for it a while ago, so I hope that he's on the album...

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    I also heard that Tech would be on one of the songs on the album with Bun B. I think he said the name of the song was "Raw Shit".

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    Yeah the Name of it is Raw Shit Tech spit a lil sumthin in a interview... it sounded sick. I cant w8 2 pic this album up.

    Man Travis has got everyone from old skool to new skool on this. Its goin to b a great(2011) year for sum good albums.

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    Hell yeah,this is the first time in years i've been excited about music again

    Quote Originally Posted by BRiXX
    Can't wait for the Mixtape and the Album. 2011 is a great year.

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