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Thread: Tech&Wiz Khalifa witha smoking song????

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    Tech&Wiz Khalifa witha smoking song????

    Ey tech I just have to start with I got mad respect for u.. But I still have my mad respect for that Taylor gang wiz khalifa.. And I like to kick bak and listen to some smoking songs and was thinking fuck, put two good minds together and drop a good smoking jam with wiz khalifa!!! What u think bout that!!!

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    Wiz ha! that shit might be so tight, cole and mike might put it on repeat. yes James hot idea. I hope Tech responds. Much respect from me also. sorry if I said that b4.

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    Wish tech still smoked so that we could have a chance at this. But I'm sure that nigga still blazes from time to time.

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    song about smoking weed real deap

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    why in the fuck did you make 2 topics about the same shit? specially when its the dumbest idea ever. so ill treat you with a little copy and paste.


    why is there so much fuckin stupidity on this site.. all the new people. fuckin retards.. we all knew it was coming to once lil wayne said techs name.

    but tech and wiz? are fuckin kidding me? they are the 100% opposites of eachother. i love em both dont get me wrong. but i wouldnt even wanna hear this. its like mac miller and kutt calhoun working together.. its just the dumbest idea. theyre both good but have nothing in common so how in the fuck could they do a song together. wiz is a punchline rapper whose all about getting baked and just goin in on a crazy beat. tech is a concept rapper who doesnt smoke and would honestly sound wierd on a wizzle beat..

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    You're a fucktard

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    Wiz Who? Fuck that dude he fuckin sucks. Tech n wiz go together like cheese n penutbutter that shit jus don't mix. I sick of all these lip new tech fans that have no idea what he's about.

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    Heres one Wiz did with snoop about weed

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    833 is a dumb idea....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan Beck
    I wanna hear him do a hard as fuck old school smokin' song with wiz khalifa or snoop, lol now that shit would be dope.

    Yeah so I've already stated this a while ago, but I don't care. Wiz is a beast, and I'm right there with ya James.

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