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Thread: Tech & Taylor gang

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    Tech & Taylor gang

    I like tech and wiz hella and I just want to see some good smoking songs out there... What ppl think bout wiz khalifa and tech getting together and making a smoking song for all da smokers out there!!! Let mi know what u think bout that shit!!!

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    wiz, hell ya, I'll play it over and over. we could all do some GARDENING together

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    tech doesnt smoke n e more so that wouldnt make any wiz is wack 2 me

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    id love it if they did this.

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    tech doesnt smoke anymore. so that wouldnt happen. id be down to hear wiz and tech collab though

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    why is there so much fuckin stupidity on this site.. all the new people. fuckin retards.. we all knew it was coming to once lil wayne said techs name.

    but tech and wiz? are fuckin kidding me? they are the 100% opposites of eachother. i love em both dont get me wrong. but i wouldnt even wanna hear this. its like mac miller and kutt calhoun working together.. its just the dumbest idea. theyre both good but have nothing in common so how in the fuck could they do a song together. wiz is a punchline rapper whose all about getting baked and just goin in on a crazy beat. tech is a concept rapper who doesnt smoke and would honestly sound wierd on a wizzle beat. cole im very suprised in your stupidity as well.

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    I dont like Wiz so no.

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    I think the best collaborations are those that you wouldn't expect to hear, or the ones you think wouldn't be good together.

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    I wish they would do a track, it would be good for Tech....Wiz is taking Lil Wayne's spot as the thing to listen to, only difference is Wiz doesn't suck.

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