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Thread: Strange Music Store

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    Strange Music Store

    Damn they fast placed an order on sunday got a shirt a bandana an stickers n got them today my girl orderd stuff the same day n she still waitin haha she mad cus tech loves his fans

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    What does this have to do with loving fans?

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    all i do is bump Tech n she gets tired of it .i tell her he loves n appreciates his fans dats y i love his music n spend money on his stuff n i bet her my stuff will get here b 4 hers .I told her Tech wants his fans to be happy with quick service

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    how would tech even know that. you didnt make any sense at all

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    Tech N9ne...........We do appreciate the quick service. I've never had a late order.

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    Seriously...this is what this board has come to...sucking Tech's nuts because your merch arrived quick...get a life man

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