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Thread: Tattoo help?

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    Tattoo help?

    i need sum help with a tat for my forearm i cant draw the shit i am thinking of so if any one could help me out with anything any kind ve drawing related to my idea


    67 bold

    the 6 has to be you know a lil demonish

    an the seven has to be angelish

    sounds simple but i cant draw it out

    or any other suggestions would be nice i feel tech's lyrics hard as fuck

    demons has to be my favorite song so idk iam lost

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    My main suggestion would be to put it an concealable place. I am not a tattoo hater, I have some myself but so many young folks put tats on their neck, lower arms, hands etc where they are always visible. Be aware of your future and that you want a good job. Wrong or right, these kind of things can keep you from being hired. Not trying to hate, just help. Be conscious of your placmeent is my main advice.

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    yea i would agree. i have a 9 on the back of my neck, my daughters name on the left of my neck and tribal in my ear, and i hear my boss bitch about them non stop

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