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Thread: CES Cru - Constant Energy Struggles [Out Now! New video: Seven Chakras]

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    CES Cru - Constant Energy Struggles [Out Now! New video: Seven Chakras]

    <p ="text-align: left;">Release Date: March 26th 2013[/p]
    <p ="text-align: left;">Kansas City duo, Ces Cru, is set to drop their Strange Music album debut, Constant Energy Struggles, on March 26th! Ubiquitous and Godemis are poised to lyrically destroy anyone in their path and you're invited along for the ride. Following the EP 13, Constant Energy Struggles promises to take your expectations and turn them on their ear. Here's your chance to preorder your copy of Constant Energy Struggles - featuring Tech N9ne, among others, as well as tracks like "Juice" and "When Worlds Collide". Preorder your copy now at - you'll get a signed copy of Constant Energy Struggles, a limited edition Constant Energy Struggles t-shirt (XL only), a Strange Music sticker and a bonus mp3 track. Click here to preorder your copy today! Don't miss your chance - head over to and preorder your copy of Ces Cru's album, Constant Energy Struggles![/p]
    <p ="text-align: left;">[/p]

    Official Lyric Book

    <p ="text-align: left;">Tracklist: 01. Lotus [Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers]
    02. Juice (feat. Tech N9ne) [Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers]
    03. When Worlds Collide [Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers]
    04. Meditate [Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers]
    05. Shake It Up [Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers]
    06. Smoke (feat. Liz Suwandi) [Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers]
    07. Skip [Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers]
    08. Prefade (Skit) [Prod. by Ben Cybulsky]
    09. Wavy [Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers]
    10. Radiate [Prod. by Info Gates]
    11. Perception [Prod. by Leonard Dstroy]
    12. Get That (feat. JL of B.Hood) [Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers]
    13. Confession [Prod. by Leonard Dstroy]
    14. Seven Chakras [Prod. by Matt Peters &amp; Bobby Pulliam]
    15. Bread Break (Skit) [Prod. by Ben Cybulsky]
    16. Fuck Me On The Dough [Prod. by Leonard Dstroy]
    17. Wall E [Prod. by Info Gates]
    18. Daydream (feat. Liz Suwandi) [Prod. by Leonard Dstroy]
    Deluxe Edition:
    19. Get Off (feat. Mac Lethal) (Bonus Track)
    20. Witness (Bonus Track)
    21. Breathe (Bonus Track)[/p]
    <p ="text-align: left;">[/p]

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    Senior Member Jerm's Avatar
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    I could see how some tech fans wouldn't like it. I'm really into hip hop. The whole spectrum. This song is reminicent of the the tracks Know the Ledge/Kick along from Eric B and Rakim. Has that aesthetic The flows over this bass line are just a ic combination. It's all subjective though. Tech really went to left field and developed a very distinctive taste apart from this more stripped down .

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Mathews
    Gave it another listen. I just don't see anything great in this track

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    Senior Member JetblacK's Avatar
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    This track got that Juice!

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    Senior Member Callum's Avatar
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    Great beat. Really loved it. Looking forward the rest of the album!

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    Senior Member AndrewBlades's Avatar
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    Senior Member WeezyBellis's Avatar
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    I think I like the idea of the song more than the actual sound of it. I love it when new artists try and go back and take the best of an old era. Ces came strong on the track. I love the broad idea's Ces brings to the table.
    With all that said it's still not a song I'm overly excited about. Still waiting for more songs like DYT and The Playground.
    Did not like the direction they took it with 13

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    i like how you said that even though no one replied lol. but its all good. at least you gave the music a fair chance. if you dont like it you dont like it. its all jesus. Abhu dhabi and all that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Mathews
    Gave it another listen. I just don't see anything great in this track

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    No one had to reply. I just didnt see anything great in this track and gave it another listen, and it didnt change my mind. Ces is good though I just don't like this track.

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    I SAY GA DAMN, SHIT !!!! FUCKIN DOPE!! Wasnt feeling the beat at first but they killed that shit.. LOVE THE SONG.. THANK YOU.. Its hard to outshine TECH on a song, CES kept up with the greatest rapper of all time.ESPECIALLY GODEMIZ.. Just my opinion..

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    My brother just brought up a valid point. Tech disses Rakim on "Blown Away" and now pays homage to him.

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