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Thread: Blammers and Burners beat version released !

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    Blammers and Burners beat version released !


    I just couldn't resist to lay down a beat to the blammers and burners verse of Tech N9ne.

    Tell me what you think!

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    not exactly what i would think but still pretty fucking dope man. props.

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    Senior Member mattmeyer's Avatar
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    title didnt lie. that was the dopest remix ive heard so far. the only thing is at the part wen he lowers his voice "hush wen you rollin through KCMO" ya know that part. its reaalllly hard to hear. if its posibly to mess with the audio at all i think it would be perfect if that part is better.

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    Damn, good job bruh, fits well

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    shit is fukkin dope dude, u should do it for move & S.O.S.

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    Damn. Pretty fuckin dope bro. Good job

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    Im amazed at the creativity of this, i like it

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    Thanks for the positive feedback. I am really glad you like it. I just finished the remix of Speed of Sound ( as G.K. wished ), that I will post today, so stay tuned!

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    heeeey wassup garnus beats, i got you on youtube (im bbgm95)

    nice remix

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    i like the beat I like techs verse but I don't know if they flow together

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