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Thread: TONEDEFF on Worldwide Choppers

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    TONEDEFF on Worldwide Choppers

    I think we should get Tech to call him... That's my only wish for that track!

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    Senior Member John Cramer's Avatar
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    I agree but if that's what we want then we should try all possible forms of communication with Tech in order to get Tech to do try and contact him. It seems to me that in the Ustream video Tech made it clear that he didn't know who he was. So I'd say in order for him to give Tonedeff a listen to know what he's all about we need to post heavily about this and add youtube videos.

    I don't think its that he purposely sleeps on him its just that if caught up in the moment being told about Tonedeff for that brief amount of time the person just says "Hey Tech have you heard of Tonedeff/ checked his stuff out?" which is bad because Tech is so busy that he'll never really make sure he reminds himself to look him up later. So if anyone says anything about him post a video and if they see Tech give him a copy of a cd with some Tonedeff songs on there you wanted him to hear.

    If we do that I'm sure Tech WOULD put Tonedeff on Worldwide Choppers, I don't see why not..

    By the way this is a really good song of his as an example of how great his chopping skills are.

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    I've even seen Tech respond to a comment which said Tone is faster than him. He said something like, it's okay but is he as clear too? (Imo he IS.) And it was in a Tonedeff topic I think.

    Anyway, he didn't really pay attention to Tone and it's a mistake :P

    The third verse is Tone's and for a while I couldn't stop listening to it.

    If Tech ever hears this song and doesn't think it's a banger then... that's another mistake.

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    tonedeff is the ish people are seriously sleeping on him but technically he's not faster then tech none of his sings are faster then tech on midwest choppers 2. you all need to hear him on heavy wieght flow. his flow on that songs reminds me of the industry is punks

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    He's good but not to Tech standers his speed bounces around like twista. he dosent have that speed flow.

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    Yeah I agree. And he's definetly as fast if not faster than Tech, he's clear too.

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    didnt he say in one of those interviews bout 6s&7s that he had song or idea for a song with him?

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