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Thread: 6's and 7's

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    6's and 7's

    I am so god damn excited for this cd, THE BOOGIEMAN, STRANGELAND...Just this 2 song names makes it sound like its going to be some sick shit

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    same here, techs gonna murder it

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    When did u hear those track names??

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    That's what i been wandering

    Quote Originally Posted by 56Highland Villain
    When did u hear those track names??

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    Man! I'm already in suspense. This is going to be PRIMO!

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    he got the names from that lil what im doin thing on the main page

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    Ahh his twitter. Good find. I can't wait.. I hope we get three verses outta tech on most of his solo tracks

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    Im very excited. The two song will be produced by Grammy winning producers J.U.S.T.I.C.E. Leauge. The Song Boogieman will feature old school singer Stokley Williams from the Group "Mint Condition". Should be very intresting. Alot of big things goin on with this album. Alot of big super producers for this album like Organized Noise are gonna be on the album. A live band as well. Alot of big name rappers. Praying that Dirty Wormz will be on a few tracks for this album. This might actually be Tech's biggest Album yet!! Actually I have a strong feeling this album is gonna be the biggest album of the year period!!!!

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    the boogieman!!! thats wat he said alotta cats in the mainstream call him

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    Do you remember why though??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?????

    Quote Originally Posted by Cruel-T
    the boogieman!!! thats wat he said alotta cats in the mainstream call him

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