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Thread: Solo songs on All 6's and 7's

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    Solo songs on All 6's and 7's

    So who else is dien 2 know how many solo songs are gonna be on the CD?... Songs ft Krizz Kaliko are counted as solo in my book. Especially if hes on the hook.... also speaking of hooks, who wants more hyperactive screaming tech n9ne hooks like Loud, Midwest Choppers, Show Me a God, Stranger, or more tech n9ne hooks in general... feels like its been a while since just Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko have been in a song with just them... Just wantin to see more of that shit u know

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    iv been wondering this too iv heard alot of features i just want tech songs

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    i want tech to do a solo album with no features, in the future though, krizz and kutt are welcome though

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    i want to hear tech singing on hooks some more. like red nose and shit like that.

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    pretty sure we will get a far share of solo's. besides the known tracks with other prob hit around 6 or so and the two 816 boy songs. put couple skits in there i would say we get like 15ish solo tracks

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    unless its a double disk, i doubt we get many. we never do. ive had it up to fucking here with collabs.. theyre fucking pointless and stupid. just an excuse to not write a full song or put a good concept into a song in general.

    and to the retard who said 15 solo tracks, get a clue buddy. this isnt anghellic.

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    Yeah, Im glad I'm not the only one gettin sick of the collabs.... Bad Season coulda been better if there werent so many people on it.... Hopefully Kabosh will be different.... Then again... seepage was good... asshole had big scoob on it thats it

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    I think as he ages he changes and he has never dissapointed me. i want him to just keep on keepin on.

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    Agreed. I've had a reason to love music because of one man. Aaron Yates. Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy

    ft's are not bad. i dont like some of the people he is going to have ft. though.

    but thats okay.

    people are acting as if all 6's & 7's will suck...

    but i think tech n9ne realizes that this is it..this is his big chance to step in the door and shine.

    i think the album could be his best yet.

    and even if its not.

    even if its the worst album in the history of music.

    hasn't tech gave us enough good music too listen too?

    some of you are greedy as hell.

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    I love tech n9nes music... I just crave solo tracks and hyperactive hooks... and bridges and shit.. u know wut I mean... more of tech.. less of everyone else.. thats all...

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